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Leaf Fintech Rwanda  

Country  Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Beneficiaries              Refugees and their family members
Project Description  Leaf Fintech provides financial services to vulnerable populations and refugees on a mobile device through blockchain technology. The company is creating a safe way for refugees to protect and transport savings across borders while escaping conflict. The UN has designated over 68 million people as forcibly displaced with another 100 million at risk of becoming displaced. Often the only option is to forfeit value or carry cash across borders when forced to flee, which is dangerous, inconvenient, and expensive. As families are forced to flee persecution around the world, they have little time to grab limited cash and valuables before leaving home. During the long and dangerous journey, refugees face peril at every step. Many refugees rely on international remittances but lack a way to receive them safely. When refugees arrive in a new country with more capital, they can dramatically improve their quality of life with increased opportunities to participate meaningfully in the local economy. Ultimately, Leaf Fintech helps refugees create a lasting economic identity.
Scope of Legal Assistance The provision of legal advice, in cooperation with local counsel where appropriate, to (i) develop a data privacy policy in compliance with EU GDPR requirements; (ii) review the agreement relating to the company and the founders.