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Country  Philippines. (Indonesia Q4 2017)
Beneficiaries              Micro-enterprises 
Project Description  Microbnk is a peer-to-peer technology platform that enables microfinance transactions between diligent lenders and disciplined borrowers; it is not a bank or financial institution. The company have developed a very innovative technology and business platform to give emerging market micro-enterprises access to reasonable financing terms to help grow their business anywhere in the world. Microbnk is running its first market test in the Philippines, and hopes to launch the same platform in Indonesia and other countries around the world. The Philippines has almost ten million micro and small entrepreneurs (“SMEs”). These businesses provide almost 65% of all jobs in the country. However, SMEs are too small to access traditional bank loans and often the only choice would be unfavorable black market financing channels (such as loan sharks). Microbank’s model is thus built around matching lenders' and borrowers' risk and return profiles. This system removes the need for a middle-man and helps create a level and transparent playing field for both investors and small business operators. Please see more:
Legal Scope Sidley is providing assistance with drafting and reviewing various forms of contract agreements including End User Licensing Agreements (EULA); and advising on IP related matters.