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Miyonga Fresh Greens

Country  Kenya
Beneficiaries              Smallholder farmers, women
Project Description 

Miyonga Fresh Greens is an award-winning company that exports fresh fruits and vegetables from Kenya. Its mission is to reduce post-harvest loss for smallholder Kenyan farmers, thus improving their socio-economic situation. In the past two years the company has expanded from producing fine beans on 1.5 acres to directly exporting fresh fruits and vegetables to the United Kingdom, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Ireland and South Africa. Miyonga is currently involved in transforming surplus fruits and vegetables into food powder.

Much of the food product grown by smallholder farmers in Kenya is rejected or thrown out for cosmetic reasons. Food loss such as this means loss of income for smallholders in Kenya. Loss of income in turn leads to reduced access to education, healthcare, and other things affecting quality of life. By working with a network of over 5000 growers and connecting them to markets, Miyonga reduces this loss. Miyonga is a women-owned business, and most small-scale farm workers are women as well.

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