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Country  Mali 
Beneficiaries                  Farmers
Project Description  At Protera, they harness the 360 degrees benefits of the Black Soldier Fly to offer a wide spectrum of nutrition solutions for poultry farming, aquaculture & agricultural land. Inspired by nature, their solution is to feed poultry with larvae and to feed larvae with bio-waste therefore solving the two problems at once. In fact, they breed millions of fly larvae to produce insect powder for animal feed every day. Their powder is a substitute for soybean meal and fishmeal in poultry and fish nutrition. Their two by-products are a compost for agriculture from the remainder of the bio-waste fed to insect and an insect oil for animal feed from the fat content extracted from the larvae and that oil that has similar properties to biodiesel. They aim to build our facility in Abidjan, Côte D'Ivoire, to produce one ton of powder per day. Their facility will recycle 5,000 tons of bio-waste every year which roughly emit the greenhouse equivalent of 700 cars driving for a year. Compared to crop production, their process involves 200 times less water, 10,000 times less land, zero chemical fertilizers or pesticides, 2000 less greenhouse gases to produce twice the protein content of soybean meal.
Scope of Legal Assistance Sidley is assisting with drafting and/or reviewing non-disclosure agreements and partnerships contracts with technical partners, input producers and clients.