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Rainforest Chocolate

Country Dominican Republic
Beneficiaries                  Local communities, farmers, wildlife and endangered species
Project Description

Rainforest Chocolate is a leading provider of fine flavor cacao to domestic and international artisan chocolate makers. The company provides the craft chocolate market with cacao varietals selected for their nuanced flavors and intense aromas, carefully tending to the development of these flavors through natural fermentation and drying cycles.

Rainforest Chocolate is committed to preserve biodiversity on the 1,019 acre Reserva Zorzal. On that land, the conservation efforts focus specifically on habitat restoration and climate change mitigation, community-based bird monitoring, and private reserve policy. The company works to strengthen that link by uniting farmers, governments, scientists, non-profits, chocolate producers and investors behind cacao production and habitat protection.

Scope of Legal Assistance Provision of legal advice to (i) assist with drafting/reviewing partnership agreements; (ii) review, analyze, and, as appropriate, revise an investment agreement; (iii) draft/review contracts with clients; (iv) register trademark.