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Rent to Own 

Country  Zambia 
Beneficiaries              Since 2009, Rent-to-Own has sold over $600,000 worth of equipment to over 650 clients in Zambia, and affected the lives of 1,000 households as they continue to tap into the potential of Zambia's entrepreneurial capacity.
Project Description  Rent-to-Own is a Zambian social enterprise that provides high-scale production equipment to low-scale entrepreneurs in rural Zambia. Since 2009 they have helped catalyze business growth opportunities for hundreds of innovative Zambian entrepreneurs by providing the necessary equipment, training and financing that are otherwise inaccessible in rural areas. By providing a holistic set of services they help empower clients to fulfill their entrepreneurial potential to the fullest. This approach has created an average of 1.5 new jobs for every piece of equipment sold and annual profits of $700 for each client over three years. 
Scope of Legal Assistance  Sidley assisted Rent-to-Own with contracts and agreements.  
Team of Lawyers  Sofya Abrams, Tung Nguyen, Annie Wallis