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SBM Investments Limited

Country    Zambia
Beneficiaries                Local communities/women 
Project Description    SBM Investments Limited is a family fashion (textile) trading and manufacturing business incorporated in Zambia. In 2012, a new clothing line was introduced, The Kenneth Kaunda (KK) Safari Suits which the First President of the Republic of Zambia wore during his Presidential tenure end even after his rule. This clothing line was launched by the Former President KK himself at a colorful ceremony at his 88th Birthday. The motivation for this KK Suit was to honor the First President and appreciate his unique character of wearing a particular suit virtually every day. Hoping that, one day, the KK Suit would be one of the National Costumes for the country as a dedication for his Humanism belief and desires to come through Oneness, Perseverance, Love and Hope. SBM is an equal opportunity employer and over 80% of its workers are women.
Legal Scope   Draft/review a distribution agreement