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Country  Colombia
Beneficiaries              Smallholder farmers
Project Description  SiembraViva is a Colombian supply chain agribusiness established in 2012 that connects smallholder farmers selling organic produce to customers in cities through logistics and e-commerce platform. SiembraViva provides training for rural farmers through their established training centre for a period between 6-9 months, on best farming practices, the use of technology and innovative logistics, among others. At the end of the training the farmers are equipped with requisite skills to increase production (both quantity and quality). Besides training, the company sets up greenhouses on farmer lands with precise agriculture technology, supply farmers with inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, organic pest controls and ensure them a buy back at prices 20-25% higher than market price. By transferring knowledge on organic agriculture, providing access to inputs and growing the skill sets of the farmers, the company has been improving family incomes and livelihoods of farmers. SiembraViva currently works with 15 farm families and looking to integrate 370 families, impacting 1,350 livelihoods within the next five years. Please see more:
Legal Scope Sidley is providing assistance with reviewing various contract agreements; trademark registration and IP matters.