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Vintage Colette & Co.

Country  Nigeria
Beneficiaries                      Women and underserved communities
Project Description 

Vintage Colette and Co Ltd. (VCC) was created in 2011 to meet the growing high street retail needs of Nigerian women by developing the idea of establishing an Afrocentric high street retail brand and inventing a Nigerian Size Guide bearing the company's name, logo, and slogan - ‘Inventors of the Nigerian Size Guide.’ The strategic resolution of Vintage Colette and Co Ltd. is to transform the traditional trade outlets and fragmented Nigerian retail industry into a vibrant and formidable Afrocentric high street retail brand that appeals to the upcoming middle class Nigerian woman setting trends with an undertone of fun and originality. Presently VCC has embraced the ethics and values of the profession by applying ethical fashion wages for workers under ethical working conditions, fair trade and are constantly working towards changing the poverty status quo within their communities. Job creation is secured at every level of the value chain the fashion industry provides at VCC. VCC sources their entire staff from underserved communities. Special priority is given to women and people who can neither read or write but have shown great skill and an ability to be educated. They educate their employees to know how to read and write, how to use electronic banking systems and how to merge technology with their skills. VCC is taking a position in the market that will make it an employment generator as well promoting economic growth.

Scope of Legal Assistance  Sidley lawyers are assisting with drafting/reviewing partnership agreements; reviewing, analysing, and, as appropriate, revising investment agreements; drafting/reviewing contracts with clients.