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 Magnificent Interiors

Country Kenya
Beneficiaries                  Women and youth
Project Description

Magnificent Interiors is an interior design and decoration company creating custom-made solutions for their clients, as well as sustainable, Kenyan, African-themed products. Their aim is to create modern, contemporary spaces with a Kenyan, African twist. They offer creative concepts and flawless execution, while tailoring each project to their clients’ individual taste and budget. They are dedicated to creating interiors that reflect their clients’ personality and lifestyle. They aim to enhance their quality of life by providing modern, feel-good interior solutions and adding an African twist.

Magnificent Interiors has a commitment to solve two social problems in their community: unemployment and poverty. They employ youth and female artisans to work with the company on their projects like painting, carpentry, stitching, thus enabling them to earn a living. All their tailors and seamstresses are women. They also engage with female artisans for some of their raw materials (e.g. beadwork, calabash accessories, soapstone, reeds, wood and sisal). They aim at advancing the standing of creative professions in Kenya and improving the artisans’ self-esteem. They want to show that a career in the creative sector can be fulfilling, rewarding and a good source of income.

Scope of Legal Assistance Sidley lawyers will assist with (i) reviewing and advising on exports contracts, including guidance on tariffs; (ii) drafting and reviewing contracts with clients; (iii) drafting template of Non-Disclosure Agreements.