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Region Sub-Saharan Africa
Beneficiaries              Rural communities 
Project Description  SunFunder provides debt capital to companies deploying solar systems in developing countries, with a particular focus on rural off-grid areas of sub-Saharan Africa. These populations are predominantly agricultural, consisting of smallholder farmers, with solar often their first access to modern energy (1.2 billion people lack access to modern energy). SunFunder debt financing has thus directly improved energy access for 2.9 million people, primarily in rural, agricultural communities.
Legal Assistance Sidley lawyers will assist with amongst other things (i) preparing bespoke loan agreements for dual-trenched facility with a crowd funder and assist with regulatory advice with regards to co-lending with crowd funding syndicate; (ii) assisting in updating SunFunder’s standard facility agreement in accordance with the most recent LMA updates; (iii) assisting SunFunder with the review of EPC contract.