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Sidley Happy Birthday Chicago

Happy Birthday Chicago!


As Chicago celebrates its birthday on March 4, 2021, Sidley renews its commitment to the city we call home.

Each of us is grateful for Chicago and its people. This city gave us our start as a firm, and we embrace Chicago’s unique spirit and grit in everything we do. We recognize the challenges facing our city, from the pandemic to racial and social inequities that have been unaddressed for too long. But we remain optimistic about Chicago’s future. We understand the strength of Chicago’s people and the richness of its resources. And we see new opportunities to work together for a better city, with a unique ability to make progress on issues that have seemed intractable.

We welcome the journey ahead, and look forward to working together toward a brighter future. Happy birthday, Chicago. The best is ahead.

Chicago Roots. Chicago’s Future.

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