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Country  Zambia and Sweden 
Beneficiaries                      Helping Zambian rural populations, especially women, to use a cheaper and healthier alternative to charcoal for cooking purposes. 
Project Description  Emerging Cooking Solutions (ECS) is a social enterprise based in Sweden and Zambia that seeks to eradicate the use of charcoal, one of the world's most unsustainable products, by providing a cheaper and healthier alternative. They are service providers of a cooking system based on micro-gasifying stoves, which primarily burn fuel pellets made from compressed biomass (clean dry plant materials) in a sophisticated pyrolytic chamber which heats the pellets so that they off-gas mainly hydrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide gases. ECS provides stoves in exchange of agricultural waste and char bricks from manufacturers and helps to combat deforestation (and therefore protect soil health) while reusing agricultural waste. It functions on a commercial business model. 
Scope of Legal Assistance  ECS is working with local and international investors and requested legal assistance in putting together agreements between shareholders and contracts with distributors. Sidley also helped ECS to register for carbon credits and draft various contracts and agreements such as a biomass supply agreement.