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 Nexleaf Analytics

Country  Based in Los Angeles, products benefitting rural populations in Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania 
Beneficiaries                  Rural households, local health clinics, nonprofit organizations, academic and government researchers and health agencies 
Project Description  Nexleaf’s mission is to build low-cost technologies that create a positive health, environmental and social impact. Nexleaf innovates new cell phone-based technologies to solve pressing environmental and public health problems.

Sidley is assisting Nexleaf Analytics in relation to its ColdTrace sensor units. These units are placed inside refrigerators or other storage devices of vaccines and monitor the temperature inside them. The sensors then send data from each fridge and alerts by SMS when the temperatures inside the refrigerators are too high or too low and threaten the safety of the vaccines inside. The overarching goal of the projects is to better understand where the weaknesses are in the respective countries' refrigerated supply chains for vaccines. The hope is that once the data has been collected and analyzed, the countries will be better able to make decisions about how to make improvements in equipment or operations that help increase the availability of viable medications and reduce waste.   
Scope of Legal Assistance  Sidley is advising Nexleaf on tariff calculation and classification of its products, drafting contracts and warranties, and providing advice on insurance.