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Solubio Tecnologias Agrícolas

Country Brazil
Beneficiaries                  Environment, Farmers in Brazil
Project Description

Solubio developed an integrated technology that allows farmers to produce their own pesticide on the farm. This pesticide production technology allows producers to reduce their costs by up to 40% on soy, corn, wheat, cotton, sugarcane, coffee and horti-fruit crops and to significantly lower their environmental impact. They also provide all the equipment, supplies and technical assistance for the successful rollout of their technology. Solubio’s technology helps family owned and operated businesses in rural areas increase productivity and profitability. Their biological pesticide products also reduce the environmental impact of agricultural activities by decreasing the effect of pesticides on biodiversity and reducing the amount of chemicals in soil and water.

Scope of Legal Assistance advice related to intellectual property rights;

ii. review and advice on import documentation and regulatory requirements for microorganisms on farm production;

iii. and legal advice concerning export and import requirements of microorganisms and bio fertilizer.