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Financing Alliance for Health (FAH)

Location Africa
Beneficiaries                  Local communities, community health workers 
Project Description 

The Financing Alliance for Health is a new partnership that aims to help governments design and fund ambitious, highly effective, affordable, and at-scale health systems. Their initial focus is health systems at the community level within Africa. The FAH strongly believes that community health systems are an integral part of the larger primary healthcare system and that community health workers and are a key component of the continuum of care within the larger human resources for health strategy.

Over $3 billion is needed annually to support community health in Africa, with only a tiny fraction available. Traditional donor support is flattening and is insufficient for building strong health systems - it needs to be used catalytically to leverage private and national resources - supporting the shift from 'Billions to Trillions'. The Financing Alliance for Health partners with governments to make the most of existing resources and identify new financing options.

Legal Needs Provision of legal advice on: (i) reviewing, analyzing, and, as appropriate, suggesting revisions to corporate structure; (ii) drafting and reviewing employment contracts for international employees; (iii) drafting and reviewing template contracts with partners and (iv) advising on company tax structure regarding filing obligations for FAH’s 501c3.