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Sidley has a dedicated group of lawyers focusing specifically on litigation involving the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). 

The passage of CPRA created the United States’ first data privacy enforcement agency and expands upon CCPA, the nation’s first law that requires businesses with a presence in California – even if they do not have offices or employees in California – to focus on user data and provide transparency in how businesses collect, share, and use such data. Businesses that collect or use personal information, do business in California, and meet certain thresholds (revenue or data collection) should know about CCPA and CPRA, risks for class action litigation, and incentives to plaintiffs’ attorneys to bring suit in California.

Sidley works with clients to assess – and mitigate – litigation risks by putting in place the policies, procedures, and protocols that comply with CCPA and CPRA. Enhancing our capabilities in this area of law, the firm’s Consumer Class Action practice, widely recognized by numerous industry publications for its notable strength in defending consumer class actions and mass tort litigation, spearheads Sidley’s California Consumer Privacy Litigation Task Force.

The Task Force is fully prepared to defend clients’ interests in California data privacy litigation. Sidley’s highly experienced data privacy-focused litigation defense team has handled many consumer class actions deftly, innovatively, and efficiently. Our team consistently delivers successful outcomes to businesses subject to consumer class action litigation in California. With a group of focused and successful defense lawyers, noted industry experience, and a wealth of knowledge in privacy issues, class action litigation, and other related disciplines, Sidley is a trusted source for California data privacy litigation advice.