One Acre Fund

Country  Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda 
Beneficiaries                 One Acre Fund works with 130,000 farm families in East Africa and aims to work with over 1 million families in the future. It has a proven track record of doubling farm income for these families. 
Project Description  One Acre Fund works with small-scale farmers to help them out of poverty and provides tools and know how to increase farm productivity. By supporting this NGO, Sidley's work has contributed to expanding fundraising possibilities and access to capital and, in turn, helped the farming families with which the fund works.
Scope of Legal Assistance  Sidley has provided assistance to One Acre Fund in several areas such as loan agreement reviews, registration of a trademark and as a charity, tax advice, etc.  
Legal Team  Christopher Allen, Scott Andersen, Stephanie D. Boughnou, Dusan Clark, Dominique Costesec, Dorothee Fischer-Appelt, Rob Hardy, Joshua T. Hofheimer, Laure-Helene Laissue, Lyndsey Laverack, Mark Poole, Annie Wallis, Jade Williams-Adedeji, Aamir Wyne