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Hello Tractor Inc.

Country Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa
Beneficiaries                  Smallholder Farmers
Project Description Rapid urbanization, aging farm populations, and depleting rural labor resources pose serious threats to our global food security. As rural labor resources come under continued pressure, tractors are the answer. When available, tractors can work 40x faster and be significantly less expensive than off-farm labor. Most farmers, however, can't afford to own their own tractors and most tractor service providers operate well below their potential. Hello Tractor has developed a solution to address these problems. The company has developed a low-cost monitoring device that when placed on a tractor provides the owner with powerful software and analytics tools to ensure tractors are both profitable and properly cared for. The software connects tractor owners to farmers in need of tractor services - just like Uber for tractors. Hello Tractor also works with financial institutions and technicians to ensure tractor owners have the financing and spare parts needed to grow and protect their fleet. All of this work is being done to ensure that smallholder farmers have the resources they need to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing global agricultural market. Please see more:
Legal Scope Sidley is assisting with drafting a strategy/policy that governs how the company uses and share customers information on the company’s platform, and providing advice on data privacy protection.
Sidley Team Joshua Hofheimer, Dean Forbes, Monica Kim, Jan Yves Remy